MMC/SD memory cards for Atmel AVR


This project is in alpha. You can download the first snapshot here:
For more details see: readme.txt


These are Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Multi Media Card next to each other. Under SD and MMC you can see their sockets.

And these are the back sides of MMC and SD. You can see SD has two more contacts than MMC and a write protect switch.

Before I had real sockets I used a PCB connector. This only works for MMC, but not for SD. This prototype interfaces a 3.3V MMC to a 5V AVR.

The SD sockets are SMD, but as the pin distance is 0.1" it's relatively easy to put them on a prototype board. This interfaces to a STK500 running with 3.3V directly.

And here are the back sides of the MMC and SD sockets. Note that MMCs fit into SD sockets, but not the other way around.


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